Biography Work

Your unique trajectory through the world – your loves, sorrows, meetings and partings, commitments and interests, decisions, and relationships – these tell your individual story more clearly and truly than the facts of your family of origin, where you were born, religious or educational background.


Biography work is an exploration of human life which brings life details into relationship with the larger universe in which we live.  Biography, “life-writing” as the word suggests, expands our perspective to include an exploration of and appreciation for the rhythms that sustain life, growth and decay, becoming and dying away.  Biography work takes us into the complexities of human becoming and can shed light on questions of meaning.





Social Art

Social Art describes a way of working in which discoveries and insights are enhanced by entering artistically into the exploration of a theme. Participants learn through their own activity through quiet work with pastels, crayon, paint, or clay to open up deep memory sources, which can encourage further awakening. Working with our personal stories as well as fairy tales and myths stimulates new awareness that can take us beyond that which can be weighed and measured.  Working artistically cultivates a living understanding of our life and helps us learn to trust the process of living.