Career Transition

Our staff of experienced career transition specialists uses a highly customized approach with each of our clients. Your success is our primary goal.  We use all the advantages that technology gives us to work with our clients in the most efficient, effective way possible.  We have worked with individuals at all levels, from hourly and salaried workers to senior executives. 

Outstanding career transition coaching centers around effectively addressing each client’s unique needs. We start where you are and work closely with you until you reach your next career goal.

Our career transition services include:

  • Strategic career management - We can help you chart your course into the future by guiding you as you think about your professional goals and create strategies to achieve them. 
  • Career assessments - Are you curious about how your personality affects your career? Or, would you like to know how your preferred style in dealing with change creates opportunities or barriers?   We can help.  We can recommend and administer assessments that will help you identify your talents and strengths, and help you understand how to use that knowledge in your career.   
  • Resume writing - Not getting many responses to your resume?  We can review it and recommend changes to content, format, and style. 
  • Interview training -  Let us coach you on your interviewing skills; suggest techniques that will improve your communication style and give you more success in the all important job interview.  We have worked with thousands of interviewees and they report feeling more prepared, confident, and successful after working with us.