The Career Consultants at the Associates For Professional Development are industry leaders who work to advise, motivate and inspire professionals like you to attain your fullest potential.


Beverly Bradstock

“Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life” is Beverly’s motto, vision, and business plan. Her no-nonsense approach has helped hundreds of clients find their inspiration and courage.

Beverly loves to entertain and her peanut butter pound cake is legendary.


Tom Desch

Quick with a smile and always asking good questions, Tom brings energy and insight to his interactions that are intended to motivate and inspire. Tom is comfortable with complexity, and he sees his greatest skill as the ability to quickly and accurately identify key themes that move individuals to a new future.


cathie clarkson

Cathie loves people and finding ways to help them discover their passion and recognize their potential. Combining her experience of pursing growth with her professional knowledge enables her to empathize and connect with clients. 

Cathie, her husband, and 10 and 14 year old boys are all musicians, a gift they love to share.



Pandora is a skilled communicator who quickly establishes genuine rapport with clients to identify needs and find appropriate solutions. “Helping people discover what might next be for them is the most rewarding thing I have ever done."

On her days off, Pandora can be found on the golf course or reading a good book.



Bonnie thrives by helping others discover what's next. She is valued for over 14 years of recruiting and consulting experience. Proven knowledge and genuine care are what make her stand out to our clients.

She is a wife, mama to five (six if you count her mini-goldendoodle, Tucker), a firm believer in Sunday Dinner, and a Foodie for comfort meals.



Rebecca is a natural born bridge-builder. She loves connecting with others and building strong relationships. She is a good listener, loyal friend, and energetic advocate. 

In her spare time, she enjoys carpentry and spending quality time with her husband and son.



Kelly is an experienced coach who is authentic, positive and kind. She has the unique ability to facilitate a holistic growth strategy that leads to personal, professional and organizational results.

Kelly has raised 3 amazing kids and she has a passion for gardening and being outdoors, so if you can’t find her, you should look outside!



Sarah is a developmental coach with 15 years experience in delivering in-depth coaching, consulting, and training for healthcare, industrial firms, school systems, and governmental agencies. She earned her PhD from UNC-Greensboro.



Dennis excels in problem solving, coaching, and developing ideas to create and expand growth in organizations and businesses. He is a creative leader with a passion for customer satisfaction and a drive to do things right the first time. He is an ordained minister and also offers council in spiritual direction for those who seek it.