Biography and Social Arts


“The human biography is a symphony composed by ourselves.” 
-Bernard Lievegoed, Phases.

What is your story?  What dramas have unfolded in your life? What paths have you taken and which ones have you left behind?  What is your heart's desire?


Participating in Biography and Social Arts work can lead you to:

  • a greater awareness of your life patterns
  • a deeper understanding of your relationships with others
  • a clearer recognition of your direction in life
  • a greater understanding of your decision-making patterns
  • a greater awareness of how your personality influences your interpersonal relationships

Sarah Putnam, Ph.D., received her doctorate in cultural psychology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and has taught in both the university setting and in business.  She is an experienced educator and trainer and enjoys discovering the richness and beauty of the inner life with her clients.