Discover more.
Do more.
Be more.


Do more.

Be more.


  • Individual & team coaching
  • Career transitioning
  • Training & Meeting facilitation

We can help you
discover more!



  • Leadership Nexus™
  • Student Career Path Planning
  • Professional Career Path Planning

How can we help you
do more?


  • 360 Reflections
  • Leadership Nexus™
  • Change Style Inventory, and others

We can help you
be more!


The Associates For Professional Development invites you to Discover More about yourself and your team, to Do More in learning about becoming a better leader, so you can Be More of the professional you want to be! We are a group of highly experienced certified coaches, leadership development specialists, and career management experts with a passion and focus on helping our clients achieve extraordinary results.

Discover More

  • What type of leader are you?
  • What type of leader do you want to be?
  • What do others think about you?
  • Are you in a career transition period?
  • Could your team dynamics be better?
  • What can you do to capitalize on your strengths and improve your weakness?
  • How do you interact with others?

At AFPD, we have the experience and tactics to assist professionals at all levels who want or need to Discover More about themselves.

Do More

  • Improve professional performance.
  • Develop a more effective leadership style.
  • Improve interpersonal communication skills.
  • Manage change and crisis better.
  • Cope with conflict better.
  • Increase the performance of those around you.
  • Improve your self-confidence.

Better prepare yourself for your next career move, and Do More to become the professional you want to be.

Be More

  • Learn more about yourself to give yourself an edge.
  • Develop a more sound team.
  • Improve yourself as a professional

Our focus is to help you realize better outcomes in the job you’re in, better prepare yourself for the job you want, and ultimately help you Be More!