Whether you are an individual looking to get ahead, an HR professional seeking for resources to improve a group’s performance, or a student (or parent of a student) who is looking to make the right move after high school, AFPD has developed a series of dynamic in-depth programs that users can work on at their own pace online, and consult with an AFPD coach to begin how to discover more, do more, and be more.

Career Path Planning Process

For Human Resources professionals, the AFPD Career Path Planning Process is a unique program designed to provide employees with resources customized to your organization’s needs. Surveys are developed to get employees to learn more about themselves as they begin to plan for career advancement within your organization. Coaching is provided online, over the phone, or face-to-face.

For large companies and organizations like financial institutions and hospital systems, this is the perfect tool to implement when retention of employees is critical.

The Leadership Nexus

What type of leader are you?

Which of these best describes who you are as a leader:

  • Constantly putting out fires.
  • Asserting control over situations.
  • Looking beyond what is expected to improve or invent new processes and procedures.
  • Recognizing when old solutions will not solve new problems.
  • Willing to take bold steps to transform a process, or an entire organization.

As a leader, people look to you for answers, guidance, inspiration, or direction. But what kind of leader are you, and how do you excel at that role? What kind of leader do you want to be, and what do you need to get there?

The Leadership Nexus program is designed to help you match your existing leadership skills with the skills that are essential to the success you experience in your current position. As you work through the program, you will become better equipped to lead your team and your organization.

Our proprietary online system allows us to instantly determine how your “Mental Energy/Action Time” (or ‘thought time vs. action time’) help discern if you are one of the following types of leader:

  • Transactional
  • Managerial
  • Tactical
  • Strategic
  • Transformational

This is a fascinating program that has helped a number of managers and executives determine better courses of actions for themselves, their teams and their organization.

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Student Career Path Planning Program

When you were in high school, did you really have any idea what you were going to do when you grew up? Did you think you were going to be a nurse only to find yourself in law enforcement? Maybe you thought you were going to get into finance, and discover you had a passion to help people through some sort of social work. Let’s face it, most high school kids really don’t know what they want to do, but they follow the path that their parents or school has put in front of them without really knowing for themselves where they are ultimately heading.

Through the AFPD Student Career Path Planning Program, students (and parents) learn more about themselves, their interests, and what they’re good at (and what they’re not), so they can better prepare themselves for the future. It may involve college, vocational school, the military, or something else altogether

Confused? Don’t be. We here to help you explore who you are, to equip you with the knowledge and the tools you need to move forward, and to engage you to help take the right steps at the right time.

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